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Swimple Pools handles pool covers, pool liner replacement, remodel and repair around the Gadsden, Anniston, Oxford & Jacksonville, AL areas

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Pool liners need to be installed carefully, using the right techniques and tools. The pool liner installers at Swimple Pools know how to replace your pool liner the right way. We'll make sure there aren't any weak spots, rips or tears. You can count on us to prevent your liner from rippling or puckering.

We do more than just install pool liners. We're also your go-to store for:


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What makes Swimple Pools the right choice for your pool experience?

We've been in business for 34 years. Our team in the Gadsden, Anniston, Oxford & Jacksonville, AL areas have encountered every problem a pool can possibly have. We've fixed broken liners and remodeled damaged pools. We have a retail location, but we'll also come to your home and work on your pool.

You can always count on us to be honest with you. We'll give you straightforward, simple answers about the problems with your pool. We'll let you know whether a repair or full replacement is the right choice for you.

Contact us now to request a replacement pool liner in Gadsden, Anniston, Oxford & Jacksonville, ALL.  We accept payment with cash, check or with all major credit cards in addition to financing options, Venmo and Paypal.

Before And After New Pool Liner

Before And After New Pool Liner

Need a new pool liner? We've got you covered. We'll replace your current pool liner with a brand-new one in better shape. A torn or damaged pool liner can let water leak out at an alarming rate.

We can replace pool liners in above-ground pools and in-ground pools . We can also remodel pools and complete any maintenance or repairs that you need. Swimple Pools even offers a maintenance membership package which includes weekly treatment to help keep your pool in pristine condition.

Whether you have a chlorine based or salt water swimming pool - we will handle your pool maintenance so you don't have to!